Frequently Asked Questions


WallPon represents a SHIFT in Crowd-Marketing and Reputation Management. WallPon helps ‘users’ self-identify top performers in every industry while disrupting how companies employ marketing and advertising dollars.

WallPon offers our ‘users’ just-in-time, money-saving coupons while also helping retailers and service providers to lure customers back to their businesses on the heels of an economy-crushing global pandemic.

Business owners are able to upload coupons on the WallPon app at no-cost (Read: FREE), or choose a premium package that is still just a fraction of what it costs to advertise with ValPak, GrouPon, The HomeMag, RSVP,, magazines, SEO-marketers, digital-paid ads, America’s Favorite Coupon Book, web-banner ads, broadcast media (TV and Radio), billboards, or any other direct or digital marketing or advertising company in existence today.

Most importantly, WallPon helps to organically build and foster the hard-earned, merit-based reputation of every reliable, trustworthy, courteous, high-quality, value-driven business by requesting that each ‘user’ who redeems a coupon simply leave an ‘intentionally-positive’ review of their experience at that respective business.  Using our proprietary algorithm, reviews are converted into a ‘LureScore’ that allows future ‘users’ to self-refer and to spend their hard-earned money on legitimate, vetted, high-quality vendors every time, and with a greater degree of confidence that they will receive a quality interaction.  We refer to this process as separating the ‘movers and shakers from the fakers’ in every industry, allowing the proverbial ‘cream’ to naturally rise to the top. is entirely unique in the Marketing & Advertising space in that ‘user’ and ‘vendor’ acquisition is 100% organic due to the real and actual utility of the platform. In other words, there are no ‘catches’ for either party. WallPon truly provides a pure and symbiotic benefit to both sides of the transaction.

WallPon offers two exciting, completely unique and proprietary components unavailable on any other marketing platform.  They include:  

  1. Embedded cost-saving coupons to all your favorite retail establishments.
  2. Coupon-driven reviews that make reputation management a simple and organic process. 

With WallPon in your corner, your business strategy is simplified, giving you more time and freedom to do what you do best—which is to focus on your customers rather the marketing effort.    

The WallPon business philosophy is not ordinary…in fact, it is extraordinary, which is why we are so committed and passionate about our company.  For those who believe in honesty, integrity, and giving back, we believe you will be inspired by what we have to offer.

Our core values are integrated into every aspect of our business.  We have challenged ourselves to bring our highest values into the workplace, and to try and be the best demonstration of those values in every community we serve—absent of greed at every level.

The guiding principle in our business is to help others to help themselves.  We know that serving the needs of others will be our truest measure of success.  This is our way of giving back, and improving economic conditions for small businesses, families, and hard-working individuals as we all begin to recover from the recent health pandemic that brought unprecedented economic challenges to business owners around the world.

While most social media sites extract this value for the benefit of their shareholders, WallPon believes that the ‘users,’ vendors and agents who comprise the WallPon community should receive the benefits and rewards for the contributions they make to the platform and their communities.

We aim to simplify the marketing business strategy for business owners, giving them more time and freedom to do what they do best—which is to focus on their valued customers rather the some tedious marketing effort that routinely produces little to no Return on Investment.

No. It is free to join and redeem coupons and there will always be a non-subscription option for venders and business owners to place a coupon for FREE.


Download the WallPon mobile app, available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.  Click the “Sign Up” link to get started.

You will be asked to enter your email address and verify your phone number. After your information has been verified, your account will be activated.

You will need to provide your email address and phone number.

Each ‘user’ is allowed only one account created on the WallPon app.


There are no official rules for using WallPon. However, WallPon is dedicated to ‘Intentionally Positive Reviews.’ After significant market research, WallPon determined that 87% of surveyed respondents preferred positive reviews compared to negative reviews, stating positive reviews mattered more when making a purchasing decision.

To ensure the WallPon ‘LureScore’ mechanism has legitimacy among users, however, it is important to understand that while negative reviews are not accepted, only a positive review can help improve the ‘LureScore’ of a business.

Thus, a negative customer experience will not permanently harm the business, but it will be a lost opportunity from which the business could have potentially improved their ‘LureScore.’ Using our proprietary algorithm, business owners will realize–and customers will appreciate–that positive customer service experiences truly matter once again, and that every customer interaction should be treated as a highly valued transaction.

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Wall – Here is where you go to see all the ‘active’ coupon offerings within the WallPon platform. Additional information includes: a ‘LureScore’ for each respective business; distance from your location to each business listing; coupon expiration dates; Call Now button; and a Share button which will allow users to

Menu – You can get to your account menu by clicking on the three-lined ‘hamburger’ icon in the top- right corner of the WallPon app. 

Pro Services – Here is where you can go to see additional WallPon service offerings available to our valued B2B and B2C markets.

WallPon will always provide reliable, trustworthy, high-quality services at the very best price in our respective industries or we will immediately process a refund of your money…GUARANTEED!

Reviews – Here you will see each of the coupons you have redeemed. You will also see notifications to leave an ‘intentionally positive’ review for each vendor with whom you have redeemed a coupon, if warranted. To leave a review, simply click the green ✔️. For those business that you do not wish to leave an ‘intentionally positive’ review, you can click the red ‘X’ to ‘dismiss’ the review request. Finally, you are also able to see any previously completed reviews that you have submitted.

Logout – If you’d like to logout.

Currently WallPon supports English. We are finalizing ‘localization’ or ‘translation’ software now and expect that WallPon will soon be available in the following languages: Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Korean, Hindi, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese.


Included with each Coupon listing is a ‘Share’ icon. To share via SMS, email, or social media, simply click the “Share” button. After clicking the button, choose how you would like to share your coupon (or review), and proceed within your respectively chosen platform.