Frequently Asked Questions


WallPon represents a SHIFT in Social Networking, Marketing and Reputation Management. WallPon helps ‘users’ self-identify top performers in every industry while disrupting how companies employ marketing and advertising dollars.

WallPon is, first and foremost, a free speech social media platform—but with a sleek new take on crowd communications. WallPon offers ‘users’ live-streaming video, recorded video, photo uploads, texting, background color choices, and whole-screen graphic technology. However, this is just the beginning. WallPon also offers money-saving coupons embedded into the platform to help the consumer save money while simultaneously helping ‘retailers and vendors’ to lure customers back to their businesses on the heels of an economy-crushing global pandemic.

Independent agents or ‘1099’ contractors who comprise what today is widely referred to as the ‘gig economy’ assist businesses in uploading coupons onto the platform in exchange for weekly commissions of 30%-40%. Unlike any other ‘gig’ opportunity in existence today, agents also receive ‘residual’ compensation for customers and coupons that are retained month after month, with no decrease in commission, which creates a truly unlimited income potential. Agents are also rewarded with production bonuses and are eligible to share in the overall company revenue. And the significant difference-maker between this ‘gig’ opportunity and the many others that exist today, to include Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, GrubHub, BiteSquad, Instacart, Shipt, and Drizly, is that WallPon compensates our agents up to 100% for the cost of a very comprehensive health insurance benefits package that includes health, dental, vision, life, accident, and critical illness protection.

Vendors, working directly with a local agent, upload coupons on the WallPon app for a fraction of what it costs to advertise with ValPak, Groupon, The HomeMag, RSVP,, magazines, SEO-marketers, digital-paid ads, America’s Favorite Coupon Book, web-banner ads, broadcast media (TV and Radio), billboards, or any other direct or digital marketing or advertising company in existence today. Most importantly, WallPon helps to organically build and foster the hard-earned, merit-based reputation of every reliable, trustworthy, courteous, high-quality, value-driven business by requesting that each ‘user’ who redeems a coupon simply leave an ‘intentionally-positive’ review of their experience at that respective business. Using our proprietary algorithm, reviews are converted into a ‘LureScore’ that allows future ‘users’ to self-refer and to spend their hard-earned money on legitimate, vetted, high-quality vendors every time, and with a greater degree of confidence that they will receive a quality interaction. We refer to this process as separating the ‘movers and shakers from the fakers’ in every industry, allowing the proverbial ‘cream’ to naturally rise to the top. is entirely unique in the Social Media space in that we are incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrency into our model. Our technology is built to identify a few simple transactions to reward ‘users,’ while storing the content in an immutable blockchain ledger. Rewards are currently referred to as ‘points’ or ‘tokens,’ but will soon be converted to digital currency (thus far un-named), upon registration approval with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC), with completion expected in 2022.

To drive ‘user’ acquisition, each ‘user’ who joins the WallPon platform is awarded one (1) token or Coin. And each time a ‘user’ invites a friend to join WallPon, both the ‘user’ and the ‘invitee’ will receive one (1) token or Coin. To drive ‘user’ retention and vendor engagement, each time a ‘user’ redeems a vendor coupon, the ‘user’ will also receive one (1) token or Coin.

Finally, when a ‘user’ redeems tokens or Coins with a WallPon vendor that accepts tokens or Coins, the ‘user’ will receive (2) two additional tokens or Coins per transaction. ‘Users’ may also expend tokens or Coins to ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ posts, while vendors who accept tokens or Coins may also redeem their collected tokens or Coins to ‘boost’ or ‘promote’ their business on the WallPon platform.

WallPon offers four exciting, completely unique and proprietary components that are unavailable on any other social media platform. Including:

  1. Embedded cost-saving coupons to all your favorite retail establishments.
  2. Coupon-driven reviews that make reputation management a simple and organic process.
  3. Dedicated agents working on the ground in every community around the globe to provide hands-on coupon marketing assistance when and where you need it.
  4. A voluntary social media-based cryptocurrency system that benefits ‘users’ and retailers alike.

With WallPon in your corner, your business strategy is simplified, giving you more time and freedom to do what you do best—which is to focus on your customers rather the marketing effort.

The WallPon business philosophy is not ordinary…in fact, it is extraordinary, which is why we are so committed and passionate about our company. For those who believe in honesty, integrity, free speech, and giving back, we believe you will be inspired by what we have to offer.

Our core values are integrated into every aspect of our business. We have challenged ourselves to bring our highest values into the workplace, and to try and be the best demonstration of those values in every community we serve—absent of greed at every level.

The guiding principle in our business is to help others to help themselves. We know that serving the needs of others will be our truest measure of success. This is our way of giving back, and improving economic conditions for small businesses, families, and hard-working individuals as we all begin to recover from the recent health pandemic that brought unprecedented economic challenges to business owners around the world.

While most social media sites extract this value for the benefit of their shareholders, WallPon believes that the ‘users,’ vendors and agents who comprise the WallPon community should receive the benefits and rewards for the contributions they make to the platform and their communities.

No. It is free to join, post, comment, and redeem coupons. In fact, you will even be rewarded for joining and using the platform, in the form of tokens or Coins!

WallPon is currently issuing tokens that we expect to ‘convert’ to Coins using a one-to-one ratio upon registration approval with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC), which we expect to finalize in 2022.

You can earn tokens, and eventually, Coins by: Becoming a ‘User’, Inviting and growing our ‘User’ base, Purchasing, and Witnessing.

WallPon wants to thank you and reward you for becoming a ‘user’ of the platform, so every person who registers as a ‘user’ will earn one (1) point or Coin.

WallPon wants to thank you and reward you for inviting to the platform your sacred network and sphere of influence. Your kindness will help us grow, gain legitimacy among the many peer social media platforms, and help millions of small business owners to thrive once again. Our ‘users’ are the curators of the platform, and we know that without you, we simply cannot succeed. Therefore, for every invitee who joins WallPon, both the ‘user’ and the ‘invitee’ will earn one (1) token or Coin.

‘Users’ can utilize the platform to search for and redeem vendor coupons. Doing business with others is a natural part of daily life. WallPon helps ‘users’ save money, but we want to also reward you for using our platform and patronizing our valued Vendor partners. Thus, for every coupon redeemed, that ‘user’ will receive two (2) tokens or Coins.

‘Users’ who power the blockchain will also be eligible to earn tokens or Coins.

WallPon continually creates new tokens to reward ‘users’ and witnesses that will soon power the blockchain.

At its root, WallPon is simply a ‘tokens’ system. However, because this tokens system will soon be blockchain-based, the tokens will be eligible for trading on markets as Coins. People may soon buy and sell these tokens or Coins, and many hold in anticipation of increased purchasing power for various WallPon-related services.

Rather than raising investor money to scale the marketing and advertising effort of the platform, WallPon is instead rewarding and incentivizing ‘users’ for organically growing the platform, which will derive far-greater joy and value for all involved.  The rewards people earn will have market value and will be readily tradable.

Each ‘user’ has the same ability to invite others to join the platform.  Some ‘users’ may not invite anybody, while some ‘users’ may invite a few people, and some ‘users’ may invite many people.  Results are simply not typical.  

Additionally, some ‘users’ may be quite prominent at redeeming coupons, while others may redeem coupons infrequently or not at all.  Again, results will not always be typical from one ‘user’ to another.   

It is best to have realistic expectations, without focusing on rewards.  Simply utilize the platform, have fun engaging with others, be courteous to one another, and develop a good reputation on the platform.  Your consistency and kindness will pay off in the long run.

Each user will have access to their own personalized account link.  Using this link to invite others will allow WallPon to automatically track which ‘user’ invited another user to join, thus providing credit correctly.  Initially, invitations will be sent via SMS messaging.  Soon, ‘Users’ will be able to invite others right from the WallPon platform.

Each agent will have access to their own personalized account link.  Using this link to recruit others will allow WallPon to automatically track which agent invited another person to join, thus providing credit correctly.


Download the WallPon mobile app, available on AppNeedle (launching soon), AppStore and GooglePlay.  Click on the “Sign Up” link to get started.

You will be asked to enter your email address and verify your phone number. After your information has been verified, your account will be approved.

After you receive notification that your account is approved, simply finish the account creation process. 

You will need to provide your email address and phone number.

Each ‘user’ is allowed only one account created on the WallPon app.

‘Users’ will also earn a small number of new tokens for ‘holding’ when they reach specific milestones, such as number of ‘invitees’ that join the platform, or number of coupons redeemed.


There are no official rules for using WallPon. However, while WallPon will always honor freedom of speech, we will also adhere to the exceptions to free speech in the United States, which refers to categories of speech that are not protected by the First Amendment. According to the Supreme Court of the United States, the U.S. Constitution protects free speech while allowing for limitations on certain categories of speech.

Categories of speech that are given lesser or no protection by the First Amendment (and therefore may be restricted) include obscenity, fraud, child pornography, speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action, speech that serves as an incitement to suicide, speech that violates intellectual property law, and true threats. Defamation that causes harm to reputation is a tort and is also an exception to free speech.

Site Navigation

Wall – Here is where you go to see the most recent posts from the people you follow.

Account – You can get to your account menu by clicking on the three-lined ‘hamburger’ icon in the top- right corner of the WallPon app.  Here you will be able to update and change your password and access your WallPon ‘wallet.’

Comments – Here is where you go to see all the comments and replies you have made.

Following – Here is where you go to see all the ‘users’ you follow.

Followers – Here is where you go to see all the ‘users’ following you.

Posts – Here is where you go to see all your submitted content.

Fistbumps – Here is where you go to see all the content you have ‘liked’ or ‘fist-bumped.’

Wallet – This will take you to your WallPon wallet, where you will see your tokens or Coin balance, make transfers, exchange tokens or Coin, and manage your account balances. 

Settings – Here is where you go to update your settings.

Logout – If you’d like to logout.

The Rewards drop-down menu is available in your ‘wallet.’  There you will find the following two items:

Earned rewards – Shows the rewards earned for joining, inviting others, and redeeming coupons.

Legacy rewards – Shows the rewards earned for ‘holding’ or ‘vesting’ when specific milestones are reached, such as total number of ‘invitees’ that have joined the platform, or a specific number of coupons have been redeemed.  WallPon reserves the right to alter these incentives at any time.

Your WallPon wallet shows how many tokens or Coins you have in your account. Your wallet shows your conversion history or how your tokens or Coins have been redeemed.  It shows your legacy balance.  And it will eventually show the estimated value of all the tokens in your account, based on available market price of the tokens or Coins.

  • From your wallet page, click the tokens or Coin balance.
  • In the drop-down menu, click ‘Transfer’.
  • Type the username of the account you want to send the tokens or Coins to.  Verify the spelling and correct account of the recipient as incorrectly transferred tokens or Coins cannot be refunded by WallPon.
  • Enter the number of tokens or amount of Coins you wish to send.
  • Enter a memo to go along with the transaction (optional).
  • Click Submit.
  • You will be prompted for your password to verify approval of the transfer.

At the top of your profile is your @username as well as your First and Last Name. Below your display name are the number of ‘users’ you are following, the number of ‘users’ that are following you, the number of posts you have submitted, and the number of ‘fistbumps’ you have given to other ‘users.’

You have the option to change your @username on the Settings page. There, you can provide additional ‘about’ information such as your location, age, gender, and link to a website of your choosing as examples. You also have the option to set a cover image for your profile

In the upper right corner of WallPon, there is a magnifying glass search link where you can locate vendors using a keyword search. (E.g., Restaurant, electrician, hairdresser, handyman, pizza, pressure washing, etc.).

Yes. This can be done under the Settings page.

No. This information is not presented on WallPon.

Yes. You can see the list of followers or people you are following by clicking on the links on your profile page.

Currently WallPon supports English. We are finalizing ‘localization’ or ‘translation’ software now and expect that WallPon will soon be available in the following languages: Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Korean, Hindi, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. We also anticipate many communities to use the platform that speak other languages. If you are interested in joining our translation team to add additional languages or help support the ones we have, please email us at


WallPon is an open platform meant to host and welcome any social content that complies with our terms of service and the free speech exceptions list. Users can post anything they want, whether it be phrases, quotes, blogs, anecdotes, photos, videos, memes, songs, and more. Please be creative, have fun, and be kind to one another!

You are allowed to post as often as you like.


At the bottom of each post is a button to “Promote”. After clicking the button, type the number of tokens or Coins that you want to spend and click “PROMOTE”.