We Launched!

wallpon launched

Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you and your family well.  What we have created, and ‘why’ we have created it, is rather extraordinary and the opportunities ahead of us in 2021 and beyond are truly amazing!

It is with great pleasure and with enormous pride in our team that I announce the successful launch of our Social Media app, our Agent and Vendor app, our webpage, and our webapp dashboard for agents and vendors. 

We chose today, Independence Day in America, as the day we would publicly commit ourselves to protecting Amendment I of the U.S. Constitution, better known as Free Speech.  For far too long, Americans coast to coast have suffered censorship, de-listings, repressive fact-checking, random periods of probation, and various other intimidation tactics levied by mainstream social media companies.  Today there are more than 100M+ American citizens, and far greater numbers beyond our borders, who have been disenfranchised by those who wish to suppress our voices.  Today, WallPon is putting Big Tech and the Main-Stream Media on notice and saying, quite boldly, we will not be silenced anymore.

Initially, only U.S.-based vendors will be able to deploy a coupon, but we are finalizing our localization strategy to quickly promulgate a fully translated platform around the globe, which we expect to complete in August.

We are also working diligently with our legal team to satisfy all SEC regulations, money-transmitter licenses, and surety bonds, among other things to become a cryptocurrency compliant company.  This process could take a year or more to finalize.  Until then, our scaling strategy is to award a token (pre-crypto) to every person who downloads and becomes a ‘user’ of WallPon.  ‘Users’ will also be awarded a token for each person they invite who joins.  Finally, to encourage support for the many small businesses who will soon offer coupon discounts, WallPon will also award a token each time a ‘user’ redeems a coupon. 

Merchants have been ecstatic about this unique value proposition, which is approximately 87% less expensive than direct marketing—with unlimited views from prospective customers.  More importantly, WallPon will deliver a definitive Return on Investment with actionable metrics to help business owners improve their bottom line.

We are not surprised at this response as WallPon offers the only coupon ad placement, cryptocurrency incentive, and ‘Intentionally Positive’ review and business scoring system in existence today on social media, which is a testament to our developers and the ground-breaking technology they have created.

Finally, merchant partners will receive personalized service from a WallPon agent who will assist with the account set-up, coupon placement, monitoring of redemptions, and improving results through ad consulting.

As our agents represent the growing ‘gig’ contractor market, WallPon is proud to be the first company in the world to offer ‘gig’ workers a comprehensive compensation package that includes weekly commissions, monthly residual commissions, bonuses, revenue sharing, and health insurance benefits up to 100%.

We truly believe WallPon is an incredible ‘win-win’ for everyone—and we are already working on many Amazing opportunities ahead!

We appreciate all of your support and partnership.

Warmest regards,

Brian J. Dow
Founder / CEO

Brian J Dow